Derek Porter has only been here a short time, but the president and CEO of Dayton Power & Light is well aware of the impact basketball has on this community.

DP&L has been a major sponsor of the NCAA First Four Local Organizing Committee since its inception and continues to grow its support.

Porter talked to the Dayton Business Journal about why DP&L is so involved in the event.

Tell me about how you first became involved with the NCAA First Four effort locally? I’m a basketball fan just like everyone else in this community. DP&L’s involvement began a year prior to me joining the company when we were approached to help sponsor the inaugural First Four Festival in 2012. Since then, we have enjoyed being part of the momentum and excitement in hosting the NCAA First Four. “March Madness” is contagious.

What is it about the First Four that makes it worthwhile to devote resources – basically why do you sponsor it? The First Four and the Big Hoopla events bring Dayton into the national spotlight. It our opportunity to share not only the region’s love for basketball but the event also highlights that Dayton is a host destination for a large-scale sports experience. Additionally, the economic benefits extend beyond UD Arena and the First Four games. While visitors may come for basketball, many will look for other entertainment options while in town, and this is where our local restaurants, attractions such as the Air Force Museum and the hospitality industry draw traffic and revenue. The success of this type of event is an important tool for attracting development to the Miami Valley…


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